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I make your ideas a reality by offering solid and pragmatic solutions.

I understand that sometimes the best option is not the right option.


The backend is the foundation of your project; making is strong and stable from the start pays back huge in the long run. I adhere to the philosophy of "the best tool for the job" but I also choose tools that are proven and stable for the application I am building.


The frontend is the first point of contact for new customers into your application, it is critical that it "Just Works", and Quickly.


Web Marketing can be confusing. What analytics should you be tracking? Where can I invest my time and effort for the best returns?

I can help you find your target demoraphic and help with your copy.

Prior Clients

Spare Backup

I worked on a product called "Parental Control" which was designed as a tool for parents to monitor their childs mobile phone use. Myself and Aodin built a backend in Python/Django. We did a lot of work with google maps, geofencing, and analytics.

New Leaders

New Leaders is a software consulting firm located in Truckee, CA. I took on several projects during my time working with their fantastic team. I was a full stack developer and consultant there. For several projects I was the direct point of client contact as well as developer.

Gemini Legal

While working with New Leaders

Gemini provides records management and other tools for law firms in California. I worked on their Rails backend and administrative reporting frontend.

Classic Party Rentals

While working with New Leaders

CPR is a national party rental company. New Leaders was tasked with building a new application for allowing customers to put togeather their whole event online. I was resposible for much of the backend for inventory management as well as the backend/frontend for their Design Boards feature

Truckee Tahoe Airport District

While working with New Leaders

Truckee Tahoe Airport requested a new website and CMS. I built a custom CMS for them with Ruby on Rails.


While working with New Leaders

Propaloo is a one stop rental solution for all your vacation needs. I helped with a total site redesign and worked mostly on frontend features (specifically, a lot of work on maps).


01Click is a tool for marketers. I worked on a "Skunk Works" project with Ember.js and Ruby on Rails.

Solecon Labs

Solecon Labs provides testing services to the semiconductor industry with Spreading Resistance Profiling.

My work with Solecon has been focused on upgrading their core systems from Rocky Mountain Basic to Python.